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Welcome to the site of a sweet poetry!

My name is Anush Beglaryan. I’m a translator inspired by poetry, languages, music, magic and romance. I decided to create a personal page to be able to share my inner world, give you an aesthetic pleasure and assist you in translation.

Poems are something intimate, mysterious. I believe that they are born at the junction of what is inside us and what is above us. Each person has an ability which has to be unfolded one day. Perhaps, this is the path to happiness.

I was born in Armenia in a family where education was given great importance. Since childhood, I with my brother have heard interesting stories, poems, songs from our mother, when the country was going through tough times. I was immediately learning poems by heart, repeating after brother. I also have really loved music since my childhood.

I have lived in Ukraine since I was three. And I fell in love with Ukrainian and Russian languages, literatures the same way; then with English in the kindergarten, so that I decided to connect my life with it. At school, there was an intensive study of English. As a child, I was sometimes writing poems about the homeland, nature in Ukrainian, less often in English. For some reason, deep thoughts were always easily expressed in writing. Although I’ve graduated with honors from a music school on a class of piano and had promising achievements in music, still, philology won in me. I entered the faculty of foreign languages. At first, I had no clear knowledge of exactly where I would use languages. But the profession finds a person itself.

One day, during internship in Kyiv, my brother (a pediatrician now) informed that he had found an additional work of a web programmer for himself in a translation agency. Over time, in the agency, they got to know about me, a fourth-year student by that time. A year later, they decided to send me a test task – translation of an introduction to a book and translation of a poem in it. I seemed to have not been ready, to have had no experience. I’ve worked for exactly 24 hours at the poem and could think of nothing else. A lot of thoughts were born in my head, words played rhyme in me. It seemed like I was creating a work of art, like an artist or a sculptor. It was already morning when I went to bed but I liked that, that was really cool. The next day I found out that they were pleased with the result, and that I was hired into the International Translation Center “Myvic Solutions”. Later there were a few creative assignments. And after the graduation, I started working with translators and clients – I did translations, editing, order management.

Now, after some events, I realized: whatever I did, everything was leading me to this, I have finally opened up to an inner zeal and I do what I love. Of course, as the most loyal friend, music is with me in the sun and in the rain. In the future, I would like to translate songs and, if possible, to write them. I want to work in all areas simultaneously, with French, Armenian as well.

Realizing such a future is not easy, but, apparently, pleasant.

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Anush Beglaryan, translator, author of PoèmeBonbon - Translation of Poems

Ануш Бегларян, перекладачка, авторка PoèmeBonbon - Переклад віршів