Interweaving of the worlds

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When reading this work, I was not personally acquainted with its author. Though I can say that poetry best describes an author as you make an opinion of a person through ideas, images in poetry.
So, I immediately felt something native in this poem, it was very warm and cozy. It seems to have asked me to translate it by itself. I’ve done it in a few hours making some amends, and voila! The new work is ready and will always be one of my favorite ones.

Переплет двох світів

Спокійно споглядавши на дорогу,
зимою вірші він читав.
Про хуртовину і тривогу
поет в тій книжці написав.

Читав він вдома й на роботі,
викроював свій вільний час.
Пройшов тією самою журбою,
що майстер щиро описав.

Там про кохання, тут робота,
там про прощання, тут життя.
Такі ось переплети долі
поет мабуть завжди чекав.

Ilona Beglaryan

Interweaving of the worlds

In winter, he was reading poems,
Viewing silently a road,
Feeling all the winds and troubles
In the book the poet wrote.

He read at work and in the house,
Finding out a free time.
He walked the paths of grief and clouds
The master thoroughly described.

He read “I love” when he was working,
He saw “Goodbyes” and met the days,
Perhaps, the author had been looking
For interweaving of their fates.

Translated by Anush Beglaryan

Anush Beglaryan, translator, author of PoèmeBonbon - Translation of Poems

Ануш Бегларян, перекладачка, авторка PoèmeBonbon - Переклад віршів

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